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Mini E-Cigarette V9 Electronic Cigarette M401 Smart PCC


Technical Specifications:
Packing Meas.: 128 103 71 mm
G.W. :290 g
Smart PCC Size: 99 56 24 mm
Smart PCC Weight: 97 g
E-cig size: 8.6 (D) נ108 (L) mm
Content of Smart PCC: Lithium, 3.7V-1400 mAh
Content of e-cig atty. : Lithium, 3.7V-210 mAh
Charging voltage: AC100~240V,DC5V
Charge time for Smart PCC:4.5 hours
Charge time for E-cig:2 hours
Puffs per full e-cig atty. : 280~310 puffs

Puffs per cartridge: Up to 130 puffs
Battery life: Up to 300 cycles
Atomizer life: Up to 100,000 puffs

SMART PCC Starter kit includes:
1 Smart PCC(/Rechargeable Portable charger case)
1 Rechargeable lithium batteries
1 Atomizer
5 Cartridges
1 AC Adapter
1 USB cable
1 User Manual (English)

For this model e-cigarette, the cartridges are the same as M401,M402,M403,the atomizer and the battery can be used each other!

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