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CE5 Transparent Clearomizer (free shipping)

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The option colors are clear, purple, red, blue, yellow, green.

1. Clearomizer CE5 tank system, easy to fill liquid, use water to wash and clean
2.With dial gauge,checking the e liquid quantity directly. you see how much the e-liquid is inside without guessing whether or not the atomizer is dry.
3. Newest clearomizer CE5
4. No burning taste, no leaking
5. fit for:510, eGo, eGo-T, eGo-W, eGO-C, eGo-C Twist, eGo-LCD, eGo-LED, eGo-V燽attery
6. Atomizer resistance about 2.1-2.8ohm
7. Better taste and huge vapor
8. Various color for your choice

1.Clearomizer tank system,easy to refill and clean
2.Newest unique atomizer/clearomizer
3.Manufactured from thick durable tank style plastic
4. 100% no burning smell,no leakage
5. 510 Screw thread,compatible with 510,eGo,eGo-T,eGo-W,eGO-C, eGo-C Twist, eGo-LCD, eGo-LED, eGo-V燽attery
6. Durable supply of liquid, no broken, more Quick & stable liquid supply Clearomizer CE5

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